The Circle of Possibilities

Over 2 years ago I did a post on the Circle of Expectations - in that post I mentioned there is very little material to be found on the internet about the term.  Well, there's suddenly more!  Last month Patti Stiles posted 2 videos about the concept - which she prefers to call the "Circle … Continue reading The Circle of Possibilities

Don’t Apologize; Embrace “Mistakes”

Introduction Here are another 2 credos I like to preach: “Don’t Apologize” and “Embrace Mistakes”. If what follows is <tl;dr>  just skip to the last section of this post to get to the yummy part of “embracing”.  (can you spot the "mistake" in the yummy image below?) Unhooking Let me first introduce the term “unhooking” … Continue reading Don’t Apologize; Embrace “Mistakes”

The Circle of Expectations Revisited

Introduction Keith Johnstone coined the term “Circle of Expectations” in his book “Impro for Storytellers”.  It’s a concept  I like, be it that - I think - I use it in a wider context than Johnstone does. Definition of the Circle of Expectation Johnstone’s concept of the circle of expectations links to his theory of … Continue reading The Circle of Expectations Revisited