The Power of Monologues

Introduction I am a big fan of monologues, mainly for initiation of scenes (and by extension, stories).   But I don't see enough of them, which is a pity, because monologues can be quite powerful.  Let's see why I like monologues so much. Disclaimer: Armando’s and “Monologic” formats When I talk about use of monologues in … Continue reading The Power of Monologues

Instant Trouble vs Instant Tension

Introduction I have argued before that I am not a big fan of rules when it comes to improv. That said, in this post I would like to discuss a “rule” that is preached by some: “Steer Away from Instant Trouble”.  The same rule is sometimes referred to as "Steer away from negativity in initiations". … Continue reading Instant Trouble vs Instant Tension

The Circle of Expectations Revisited

Introduction Keith Johnstone coined the term “Circle of Expectations” in his book “Impro for Storytellers”.  It’s a concept  I like, be it that - I think - I use it in a wider context than Johnstone does. Definition of the Circle of Expectation Johnstone’s concept of the circle of expectations links to his theory of … Continue reading The Circle of Expectations Revisited