The Circle of Possibilities

Over 2 years ago I did a post on the Circle of Expectations - in that post I mentioned there is very little material to be found on the internet about the term.  Well, there's suddenly more!  Last month Patti Stiles posted 2 videos about the concept - which she prefers to call the "Circle … Continue reading The Circle of Possibilities

Playing to the Top of Your Intelligence

Introduction Last month I wrote about how the advice "be more boring" / "be more obvious" / "be less original" makes sense to me - be it after playing improv for 20+ years.  Here's another widely used piece of advice: "play to the top of your intelligence" - and that sounds kind of contradictory to … Continue reading Playing to the Top of Your Intelligence


Introduction "Be more obvious" (or "be less original") and "be more boring" are 2 famous phrases by Keith Johnstone - I picked up these phrases almost 20 years ago.  Back then I had trouble understanding them:  I would be seeing great improv, and marvel at the "originality" of what the performers pulled out of their … Continue reading Obviousness

Don’t Apologize; Embrace “Mistakes”

Introduction Here are another 2 credos I like to preach: “Don’t Apologize” and “Embrace Mistakes”. If what follows is <tl;dr>  just skip to the last section of this post to get to the yummy part of “embracing”.  (can you spot the "mistake" in the yummy image below?) Unhooking Let me first introduce the term “unhooking” … Continue reading Don’t Apologize; Embrace “Mistakes”

Endowment & Pimping

Introduction Here’s another technique that I would not mind seeing more often on stage: “Endowment”.  The Oxford Dictionary definition of endowment is: "to provide with a quality, ability, or asset". As far as I know Keith Johnstone introduced the term into Improv vocabulary in his book "Impro for storytellers" (more on that later).  Improv Encyclopedia defines … Continue reading Endowment & Pimping

Improv Sandpaper

Introduction In this post I’d like to talk about a term I often use when I teach workshops: “sandpaper”. It’s a metaphor, and it refers to the following: if you rub sandpaper over your skin, you’ll get a painful, burning sensation. It is impossible not to feel the ache of a sandpaper burn. I would … Continue reading Improv Sandpaper