Inventing a Musical Give & Take Improv Exercise

Introduction In October 2016 we @ RIOT were invited to FLUIM2.0, a long form improv festival in Utrecht Holland.  I taught a workshop on improvised singing, in which we came up with a fun exercise.  Since then I've adapted the exercise for actual performance use. The Exercise Here is how the exercise came about.  The … Continue reading Inventing a Musical Give & Take Improv Exercise

Postmodern Musical Improv Format

Introduction This post covers a musical (long form) improv format that I call a “Postmodern Musical”. Before we dive into the format, let me explain why I call it “postmodern”. Postmodernism  is a pretty broad term, and as argued here @   it is by nature “difficult to define, because to define it would violate … Continue reading Postmodern Musical Improv Format

My Love-Hate Relationship with Structure

Introduction When I teach improv workshops, I often claim the “I have issues with structure” or "I have a problem with rules", and that if I am to practice what I teach, I should be improvising my workshops. Which I do.  I also happen to like provocative statements, and the statement “issues with structure” is … Continue reading My Love-Hate Relationship with Structure