13 Things – a (Musical) Long Form Format

I thought that this month, I'd describe the RIOT signature format; it is called "Thirteen Things".   RIOT only does musical long-form so we add a lot of singing, but the format can equally be performed without singing.  I'll describe the overall format first and then describe how we use song within the format. General Format … Continue reading 13 Things – a (Musical) Long Form Format

Long Form Improv Format: a Musical Riot

Introduction Two weeks ago I was in Edinburgh for a weekend of workshopping and a show with the wonderful Men with Coconuts.  For the show I was accompanied by one of our RIOT players, Sarah Manhaeve.    The Coconuts like to perform musical long form - and so do we @ RIOT -  so when … Continue reading Long Form Improv Format: a Musical Riot

Creating a Musical Harold

Introduction Last week I got to work with Caque, a Ghent-based improv group that (among many other things) performs a monthly show in English.  They are busy bees who usually invite guest trainers and performers; over the years they have worked with e.g. Ben Hartwig (Germany) Jochem Meijer (Netherlands), Rob Ben Zeev (Israel), Nicole Mischler … Continue reading Creating a Musical Harold

Inventing a Musical Give & Take Improv Exercise

Introduction In October 2016 we @ RIOT were invited to FLUIM2.0, a long form improv festival in Utrecht Holland.  I taught a workshop on improvised singing, in which we came up with a fun exercise.  Since then I've adapted the exercise for actual performance use. The Exercise Here is how the exercise came about.  The … Continue reading Inventing a Musical Give & Take Improv Exercise

Postmodern Musical Improv Format

Introduction This post covers a musical (long form) improv format that I call a “Postmodern Musical”. Before we dive into the format, let me explain why I call it “postmodern”. Postmodernism  is a pretty broad term, and as argued here @ allaboutphilosophy.org   it is by nature “difficult to define, because to define it would violate … Continue reading Postmodern Musical Improv Format