Talk to your Musical Director

I have written before on the importance of, as improv players, talking to your musical director (MD),as a matter of getting on the same page.   In most cases such chin wagging happens in rehearsal or prior to shows. But there is something else which I personally enjoy, and which I would not mind seeing more often: … Continue reading Talk to your Musical Director

Songs vs Opera – Titles for Improvised Songs

What makes an improvised song a really good one? There are several possible criteria, and which you use or not is a personal preference: improvised singing is art, not science. In this article we’ll discuss a criterion that is perhaps underestimated: the title. Songs vs Opera In workshops, mostly with inexperienced improvisers/singers, it is not … Continue reading Songs vs Opera – Titles for Improvised Songs

P-Triple-M: A Musical Improv Format

At VIF2019 in Boston earlier this month I did a workshop on Musical Long Form, followed by 2 performances by the workshop group. We created a fun format that I’d like to share this month. The format is named “Post-Modern Musical Montage” - of if you want to sound hip/cool/exotic, feel free to call it … Continue reading P-Triple-M: A Musical Improv Format

11 Non-Musical Improv Skills for Musical Directors

Introduction Last month I posted a blog listing 13 essential music-related skills for improv Musical Directors. I made the point in that blog that those skills can be learned outside of an improv setting, and cannot be acquired during e.g. a 3 hour workshop.  Besides, those skills are general music related skills that are unrelated … Continue reading 11 Non-Musical Improv Skills for Musical Directors

13 Essential Musical Skills for Improv Musical Directors

Introduction A couple of times every year I get asked to work with musicians who want to do Musical Direction  (MD) for improv, or I get asked to run MD workshops at festivals. Which I happily do, but it often surprises me how unrealistic the participants’ expectations are. I think the reason for this is … Continue reading 13 Essential Musical Skills for Improv Musical Directors

Time to Sing?

If you are doing musical improv, how do you know or decide when to sing?  In this article we discuss a couple of options. Organically Sometimes songs just happen organically.  The Musical Director (MD) provides underscore to a scene and a player just feels she has to burst out in song.  Magic!  In my experience … Continue reading Time to Sing?