Protagonists & Antagonists – Part II

Introduction In a previous post ( Protagonists & Antagonists - Part I ) I outlined the use in impro of storytelling concepts like protagonists, antagonist and sidekicks, from a theoretical point of view.  In this post I explain how I use these in an improv workshop setting. In workshopping I tend to let the players discover … Continue reading Protagonists & Antagonists – Part II

Trains & Tracks

Here is another metaphor I like to use in many of the workshops  I teach.  It originated from a statement by a fellow improv player and it’s the title of the first section of this post below. “Long form is Fragile” A great friend of mine, Dimitri Desmyter, saw one of our RIOT tryouts in … Continue reading Trains & Tracks

Martha Stewart Improv

Introduction I have warned the readers of this blog that I’m a pretty opinionated guy when it comes to improv. Here’s a topic I feel strongly about. In workshops  with established groups (that is, not with absolute beginners), I’ll often ask the participants to name the stories, books, plays, movies & TV-shows they like best. … Continue reading Martha Stewart Improv