Antifactual Storytelling

This post covers a technique that can be used to either create laughs without cracking a joke, as well as to create instant tension. It is called Antifactual Storytelling, and it is based on characters’ opinions, secrets, lies and misunderstandings. The first part of this post covers some theory, but the whole concept is best … Continue reading Antifactual Storytelling

Trains & Tracks

Here is another metaphor I like to use in many of the workshops  I teach.  It originated from a statement by a fellow improv player and it’s the title of the first section of this post below. “Long form is Fragile” A great friend of mine, Dimitri Desmyter, saw one of our RIOT tryouts in … Continue reading Trains & Tracks

The Circle of Expectations Revisited

Introduction Keith Johnstone coined the term “Circle of Expectations” in his book “Impro for Storytellers”.  It’s a concept  I like, be it that - I think - I use it in a wider context than Johnstone does. Definition of the Circle of Expectation Johnstone’s concept of the circle of expectations links to his theory of … Continue reading The Circle of Expectations Revisited