Preaching & Sharing

About this site: Preaching & Sharing

My name is Tom Tollenaere.  I am a Belgian improviser, instructor and musical director and have been doing this for 20 years.  You’ll find my full improv bio and various tidbits about me on this site.  But the site is really about Preaching & Sharing on the following topics:

  • Improv theory
  • Musical improv – both long form and short form
  • Musical direction


I am a very opinionated person when it comes to improv.  I have strong opinions about what kind of improv I want to see and what kind of improv I dislike.

A vision is an opinion, and an opinion is personal and subjective. I tend to vigorously defend my vision. I have been known to preach, during workshops and at festivals. If you like my preachings, hire me to perform and/or workshop with you!

At the same time I take my own opinion the be just that: personal opinions and nothing more. Although I will always try and convince you (the reader), the students in my workshops, the members of my own group RIOT for which I am the artistic director, of the value of my vision, I deeply respect other visions & opinions.

As a matter of fact I am fascinated by other’s opinions, even more so if they are conflicting (perhaps “contrasting” is a less aggressive word) to mine. I love to see your  objections to my vision, theory and points of views in the comment sections of the blog.

So yes, a big part of this site is devoted to preaching.  Welcome to my temple 🙂


Sharing is the second focus. I try and share in a twofold way.

For starters I share my vision & opinions. That’s pretty close to preaching, come to think of it.

But more importantly I  share my experiences, tips, original formats and various bits of advice.  I share the structure of & theory behind my workshops, I share both the formats I invent, as well as the process behind the genesis of these formats.  I share how I approach improvised singing and musical directions.

I hope you enjoy the stuff you’ll find here. If you do, let me know.  If you don’t, let me know too.