Why so quiet?


I usually post like once a month, since February 2016. Except for this year. Because of – what else – the pandemic.

Initially I thought, going into lockdown: what a great opportunity for all kinds of personal projects – including writing about improv – that always get pushed back because of busy-with-regular-life.

Turns out that all these personal project ate so much of my time that writing kind of halted. So, as my home country now goes into a second lockdown, I kick myself in the butt and it’s time to start writing again.

I mentioned “all those personal projects” – several of those were (are) improv related. And lead to inspiration for more writing. The main one of those is solo improv. I have been wanting to try my hand at solo for over 10 years and it never happened. I took the (first) lockdown as an opportunity to give solo a shot, using Facebook video and a couple amazing friends/teachers to coach me. Scary as hell but great fun. PLUS a source of inspiration for more improv articles. You can expect the tag Solo on a couple of forthcoming posts.

That is, if my list of orphaned personal projects don’t get in the way of writing during the second lockdown :).

Another improv thing I ended up doing is teaching improvised singing, one on one by Facebook video. That too works unexpectedly well and I’ll write down my experiences. And all that lead to an exciting new stage project called “Therapy” – but more about that later.


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